Anushika’s Celebrity Photo Gallery #1! Ryan Phillippe! David Boreanaz! James McAvoy! Jeremy Renner! Josh Brolin and More!

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I love Anushika! She just sent me this grouping of AMAZING photos she has taken over the past couple months! I don’t understand how she gets such amazing photos! I think she has made a pact with the photo Gods! I mean that pic of David Boreanaz, and Ryan Phillippe! Perfection! Sigh… I’ve never gotten photos like this! Lol… Again, Anushika is the official photographer of Mike The Fanboy!

Take a look at her first photo set after the jump and prepare to drool! Or at the very least be jealous! Lol…

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Ryan Phillippe signed autograph sexy hot damn fine cruel intentions stop loss lincoln lawyer rare macgrueber celery promo poster

james mcavoy penelope signed autograph wanted rare x men first class hot sexy atonement

danny mcbride your highness pineapple express eastbound and down signed autograph rare promo poster

danny mcbride eastbound and down signed pineapple express rare your highness promo poster rare mini dancer beard james franco

josh brolin true grit no country for old men goonies rare signed autograph promo poster rare mini autograph signed hot sexy rare diane lane

jeremy renner signed autograph the avengers hawkman the town ben affleck hurt locker rare promo poster mini hot sexy damn fine fan photo

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