BAFTA Awards 2014! James Hits The Motherload! Christian Bale! Tom Hanks! Cate Blanchett! Oprah! Bradley Cooper! Prince William! Plus Tons More! Damn…

I’m not going to say much, because his latest post from James says it all… Damn… And I mean… Damn. This is pretty incredible to say the least. James just over his recap from the BAFTA’s and there are not words.

you have to check it out below!

Damn… And I mean Damn…


Advance warning: this is going to be a long post! I love the BAFTAs, every year I meet someone I really like, from Emma Watson to JK Rowling, George Clooney to Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Lawrence to Daniel Craig. It’s always a fun evening. The nominees for this years ceremony came out at the beginning of the year, and it’s been a long wait since then for BAFTA weekend to come around. Each year I say the guest list can’t get better than the previous one, and each year it does. Seriously, I’m sure one year will come and someone in the BAFTA office will say “you know what, we really can’t beat this lineup”.

As Sunday got closer, a BAFTA tradition looked like it would end; the forecast said it would be sunny. It ALWAYS rains at the BAFTAs! This couldn’t be true. Anyways, Sunday finally arrived, and guess what; beautiful weather! I was so happy just by that. The atmosphere on that red carpet is awesome, but SO much better if it’s dry. After a rather nice lunch with some friends we headed to our spot on the red carpet. Excitement levels finally kick in after saying all week I wasn’t that excited. So, you ready? Here’s how the evening went.
First to arrive was Luther, Saving Mr Banks and the Lone Ranger star, Ruth Wilson. She was lovely, and signed an index card for me.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet81

Christoph Waltz, best known for Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained followed next; he signed an index card for me too.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet53

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet56

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet92

The first BAFTA nominee to come over was director of 12 Years A Slave and Shame, Steve McQueen! He was great, signing and talking away; he signed an index card for me too. 

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet68

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet60

I spotted David Morrissey (The Walking Dead, Doctor Who) and called him over; he happily signed an index card and posed for a photo with me. First photo of the night!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet66

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet89

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet59

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet49

The winner of the EE Rising Star Award, Will Poulter, came over next, and was as nice as always, and posed for a photo with me. I’ve liked Will for a few years now, and he’s always a great guy. Plus We’re The Millers was the funniest film of 2013.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet54

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet64

He was followed by Captain Phillips star Barkhad Abdi. Barkhad seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, but still signed an index card and posed for a photo.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet63

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet58

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet69

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet52

First of the big guns followed next, Rush star Daniel Bruhl. He was really rushing (hope the pun is appreciated), but still signed an index card for me.
Bafta awards 2014 red carpet76

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet50

Right behind him was Formula 1 legend and three time World Champion, Niki Lauda. When I left home, Niki was one of the people I most wanted to meet, so I think I turned a bit animated at this point. He kindly signed an index card for me, and posed for a photo too! Result! I could now go home happy! I love my F1, and it’s not often I get a chance to meet a World Champion, let alone one of the greatest racers of all time.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet46

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet65

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet97

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet80

Eddie Redmayne, best known as Marius in Les Miserables, came over next. He signed a Les Mis photo for me, and posed for a photo too. This was a photo I printed for last years awards, but it was so wet I didn’t even attempt getting them out of my bag!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet74

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet61

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet57

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet43

Sunshine on Leith star George MacKay (another Rising Star nominee) was close behind. He signed an index card and posed for a photo too.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet62

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet90

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet48

The star of 12 Years A Slave (and winner of the Best Actor BAFTA) Chiwitel Ejiofor followed, and signed an index card and posed for a photo with me. Everyone was a bit distracted by this point though (see below), so I was one of the only people to get him.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet55

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet42

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet9

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet79

Oh, did I say distracted? That’s because Leonardo DiCaprio was signing right next to Chiwitel! He’s being really nice and taking his time with people, just as he did at the premiere of the Wolf of Wall Street. I managed to get my DVD of The Great Gatsby signed, and got another photo with him. However…… my selfie taking skills kinda let me down this time. 

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet85

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet51

The Hunger Games‘ Finnick, aka Sam Claflin, followed next; he signed an index card and posed for a photo with me. His girlfriend Laura Haddock, best known for The Inbetweeners Movie, did the same. Talking of the Hunger Games, I’m still disappointed Jennifer Lawrence didn’t show…..

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet10

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet15

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet40

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet44

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet83

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet77

Gravity (and Harry Potter ) director Alfonso Cuaron soon followed. He too signed an index card and posed for a photo. Another Harry Potter director for my collection!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet19

Richie Cuningham turned film director Ron Howard came over next, and was awesome! Guess what? He signed an index card and posed for a photo too. This was going awesomely!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet91

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet11

Film God Martin Scorsese ran up the carpet quicker than Usain Bolt could’ve, and didn’t pick up a pen. Shame, but unexpected.

Talking of film Gods, there’s Tom Hanks, and he’s signing! Shock! Twice in 4 months! He signed my Green Mile DVD sleeve, and once again didn’t pose for a photo. Am I surprised? Nope! Happy to have my DVD signed though!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet84

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet39

I did however get a photo with his wife, actress Rita Wilson (I got her autograph back in October).

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet18

The Musketeers and Skins actor Luke Pasqualino followed, and signed an index card and posed for a photo with me.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet14

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet47

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet38

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet87

Sally Hawkins, nominated for her role in Blue Jasmine came over and was lovely; she posed for a photo with me. I told her I loved her in the play Constellations last year, and she seemed to really appreciate that. 

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet45

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet32

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet8

Talking of Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett is in sight… and she’s coming over to sign! Wow! She only signed 4 or 5, but one of those was for me, well happy! Have heard so many bad stories in the past, never expected to get her.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet35

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet37

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet70

Alan Partridge aka Steve Coogan at the same time, and posed for a photo with me. Look closely, he’s in the photos of Cate above! I’m really pleased he won a Screenplay award for Philomena, it’s really deserved.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet20

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet31

Singer Lily Allen is nearby now, and is totally fanboying over Tom Hanks, it’s rather cute to see. She got the courage to introduce herself, and it was so funny to see such an outspoken character turn so starstruck! She came over and signed an index card and posed for a photo with me.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet75

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet17

Broadwalk Empire actor Jack Huston came over too; I didn’t get him as have met him a few times during his current theatre run in the West End, but he was as friendly as usual. 

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet34

Joely Richardson‘s appeared out of nowhere! She signed an index card for me.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet93

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet27

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet28

British icon Emma Thompson‘s here next, and is being as lovely as ever; I had nothing for her to sign so just got a photo with her. I got an index card signed and photo with her husband, Greg Wise, who played Agent One in Johnny English, one of my favourite films as a child. 

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet6

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet13

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet30

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet88

annnnddd there’s Bradley Cooper. I might’ve deafened everyone near me at this point. My luck when it comes to meeting Bradley is absolutely atrocious, he’s one of my favourite actors but have never had any success meeting him. Hangover premieres, promo interviews, other awards, zilch. I’d go to things where I thought I was guaranteed to meet him, I didn’t. I’d stay at home where I thought it’d be difficult, he’d sign. It was getting a bit annoying after a while! But he’s being interviewed very close by, and when finished he came right over. The people I was with knew he was the one person I wanted to meet, so made sure I didn’t miss out. I got a Silver Linings Playbook photo signed, and my 3 Hangover DVDs (can’t believe I got all 3 signed!), and got a belting photo with him, that he took. Day absolutely made!!!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet1

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet41

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet71

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet72

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet94

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet95

Jesus, Helen Mirren‘s coming over now! This is complete bonkers! I love Helen, but she’s never agreed to a photo with me before, until right here! I usually manage to keep my cool in these sorts of situations, but I failed here. I talked utter babble at her (about going to her booksigning straight after school once, and she said I looked smart in my uniform!!), and she signed a The Queen photo for me. The day that just keeps giving!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet5

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet26

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet29

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet86

Film producing maestro Harvey Weinstein is on the carpet, and poses for a photo with me.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet7

Security are starting to clear the carpet, which can only mean one thing, royalty’s turning up soon. But still there’s time for a few more surprises! The most powerful woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey comes over, signs my autograph book and poses for a photo. Eek!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet3

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet25

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet36

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet67

Uma Thurman‘s on the carpet now too, but is following security’s advise to not stop. Stanley Tucci however isn’t; he posed for a quick photo with me! I missed out on a photo at the Catching Fire premiere, so awesome to get one now. Love the Devil Wears Prada!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet16

and there’s Batman!! Christian Bale is going along, and is also ignoring security’s demands to get moving. He’s signing loads, and posing for an occasional photo. He signed my photo, and posed for a quick photo with me too. Awesome! Never thought this’d be happening!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet73

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet33

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet22

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet23

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet4

The carpet’s clearing now, and before long it’s totally empty. Can only mean one thing, Prince William is about to arrive. Sure enough, with a rather large police escort, his car arrives and out he gets. He’s walking along the carpet with Amanda Berry, the head of BAFTA, who encourages him to say hi to some fans, which he happily does. Protocol says Royals never sign, but a handshake with the future King of England is pretty sweet! However, I decide to go for it. He gets to me, shakes my hand and I ask if I can get a photo with him. I expect to be jumped on by some security guards at this point, but instead he just says “sure”.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet21

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet24

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet2

So, there you have it. I got a photo with the future King of England. You can tell an entire red carpet has just thought “why didn’t I think of that?”. Sure enough, this momentous occasion (I joke) was shown live on BBC News and Sky News. It also made the front page of the Daily Mail’s website..

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet96

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet98

.. and Page 2 of their paper the next day. I can now be known as “the person that got a selfie with Prince William”. What a day.

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet99

And there we are, another BAFTAs over. 6th one, and by far my best one. Where else in the year can you get so many people in the space of an hour and a half? It’s amazing. You miss half the celebrities there (Brangelina, Michelle Rodriguez, Uma Thurman, Ray Winstone, Maggie Gyllenhall, Lea Seadoux to name a few this year), but you really don’t care. It’s an amazing atmosphere and I’m so glad they let fans get near the carpet. Compared to the big awards in the States, this seems such a privilege.
To top off the evening, my good friend Val was at The Monuments Men premiere (which I couldn’t make), and got me Matt Damon‘s autograph. He was another no-show at the ceremony, so it was awesome to get him via her!

Bafta awards 2014 red carpet83

Roll on 2015!

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