CB Gets all Giddy for the New Lois Lane, AKA Ms. Amy Adams As She Signs Autographs For Fans!

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Can I just stop for two second and tell you how much I heart Amy Adams! First, I loved LOVED The Fighter, and I thought she was amazing in it. Of course Enchanted was super fun, and one of my favorite Disney comedies… Plus, I thought Sunshine Cleaning was really underrated…

Anyway, CB is out and about to try and get Ms. Adams to sign some stuff, maybe get a picture, drool on her sweater, or perhaps when meeting Ms. Amy Adams he will refer to himself in the third person. All of these are plausible… Really! Lol…

Check out his full fandom after the jump!


NANANANANANANA CB, CB CB! You’re favorite mikethefanboy.com contributor is back in action. Today I am writing up about my awesome Amy Adams experience. Amy Adams was recently cast as the new Lois Lane and since I love Superman, I love Amy Adams, which is hard since I already loved her! She was great in The Fighter and got nominated for it, thou Melissa Leo ended up winning. Amy Adams was doing a talk show appearance and armed with photos and a poster from the Fighter (which Mark already signed) I’m ready to GO!!!

5:00: I arrive and there are maybe 10 people tops here. It’s good when there aren’t many people here.

6:20: We see Amy arrive and she waves and says she do it on the way out. She’s so nice, so I know she’ll do it.

8:00: We see her leave and she comes right over. new lois lane amy adams signed autograph rare zach snyder superman sexy hot enchanted sunshine cleaning the muppets the fighter marky mark hot promo rare photoI’ve heard she’s nice, but she is AMAZING nice. She signs my stuff, takes a photo with me and my buddy and goes down the line. the new lois lane amy adams the fighter signed autograph rare sexy hot photoshoot promo the muppets sunshine cleaning rare enchanted the fighter hot sexy damn fine mini posterSuch a great classy lady.

I am really impressed with how awesome Amy Adams is. the new lois lane amy adams zack snyder superman rare signed autograph promo photo enchanted sunshine cleaning the muppets sexy hot photoshoot rare promo redhead photoCan’t wait to see her opposite Superman/Clark Kent. Until next time, same CB hour, same CB blog, same CB channel. KAAAPPPPOOOOWW!

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