Billy Meets The Voice Star Christina Aguilera And Says WooHoo At How Awesome She Is! Autographs! Photos! Diva Goodness!

Can I tell you how much I love Christian Aguilera? I’ve been a fan for a long long time, and I’m really happy that she found success with The Voice. I met Christina a couple times and she was always really nice to her waiting fans.

Billy Beer headed out then Christina was filming a talk show to try and meet the pop diva.

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Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool! Time for another shorty. I know 
you all want a case, of even a six pack of adventure from Billy Beer, 
but again, Mike the Evil Boss/Fanboy wants me to pump out these 
articles so I’m only giving you a 12 oz can, oh hell, we’ll class it 
up to a 12 oz bottle of Billy Beer adventures. Today we are off to see 
Christina Aguilera.

(Editor’s Note: Damn… Evil Boss! 🙁 M-)

I’ll start off with a funny joke I remember Adam Sandler saying on 
Saturday Night Live. If Christina Aguilera was bald, she would be 
called Christina Have-no-haira. LOL LOL LOL!!! OK, now I’ve heard some 
of the horror stories of Christina being a Diva, but I’ve also heard 
she is really nice to her fans. I went for her about a year ago, but 
missed her cause I had to leave early for work. This time I had the 
day off.

I never saw her go in, so we have to wait for exits. I make a sign 
cause that helps the odds. It wasn’t a work of art like Scotty’s, but 
it will do. It’s finally time for her to leave.

We all get in a line  and hold up her pictures. The limo stops, and being first in line they tell me to go up to the car. WOW, graphers being nice. Then some 6 
foot 1,000,000 inch guy comes out of the limo. Guess I’m the 
sacrifice. He tells us to go up to the window single file. I give her 
my 3 pictures through the window. Might I say also, she looked 

Christina Aguilerra signing autographs for fans outside jay leno

She signs the first 2, and as she’s about to sign the 3rd the 
bodyguard yells out to everyone “One each and single file line!” She 
stops and says “oops” and then gives me the pictures back.

Christina Aguilerra signing autographs for fans outside jay leno

I guess I can’t complain cause everyone else is going to get one. I thank her, 
and am on my way. She was super nice.

Well, I know it’s Happy Hour,  but I have another fanboy event to attend. See you there!

Christina Aguilera signed autograph photo promo rare dirrty

Christina Aguilera signed autograph photo promo rare dirrty

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