Comic Book Crossover! Jim Freezes His Butt Off To Give You The New Comic Book Scoop! The Walking Dead! X-Factor #1! And More!

Man oh man… Poor Jim, he is freezing his Cojones off, his pipes froze, No running water and yet… Here he is, bringing you guys the scoop on all the new comic books coming out!

That’s dedication my friends! Jim has the low down on all the new titles being released including X-Factor #1, The Walking Dead and more!

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Hey comic book fans, this week has been nuts. I live in Pittsburgh and we were in the path of that crazy arctic freeze traveling across the country. Tuesday morning at about 1am the temperature dropped to a windchill of -35. Yeah you read that right -35. So what happens when the temp drops 30 degrees in a little over an hour????? Your pipes freeze, no running water.

What a disaster!!! When I got up in the morning I had to take a bottled water bath in the sink and head off to work with a little of the night befores stink on me. What are you gonna do, right? It’s been so cold here and there’s been so much work that I had to do around the house to make sure I didn’t get flooded when the temp rose that I wasn’t able to read all the new books this week. Dereliction of duty I guess that’s going to cost me one fanboy demerit, sorry. I’ll step it up next week.

I did pick up this weeks books even with all the chaos because it was a top tier shipment.

new comic books the walking dead x factor #1

Walking Dead, Action Comics, Earth 2 and X-Factor #1. I did read the new Walking Dead and since it’s the obvious choice of pick of the week, since this book is just plain AWESOME, I’m going to have to pick something else. So my pick of the week is going to be X-Factor #1. X-Factor is a book written by the very talented Peter David. He did an initial run on X-Factor a while back, writing the book for nearly 10 years but after a stroke last year he needed time to recuperate. Now he’s back with a new artist and fresh take on his mutant investigation team. It’s a fun book with an all-new line-up that should be a fun read for the next decade.

x-factor #1 new comic book rare marvel rare promo

Next week I should be back to normal with a look at some future comic book tie-ins. 

Have a good weekend and stay warm!

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