Comic Book Crossover! Thanksgiving Edition! Plus New Comics Like The Walking Dead! Marvel’s Infinity 6! And More!

Comic book crossover time!

Comic books have always reflected different parts of our lives. Whether it’s the holidays, current events, etc… It’s fascinating to me, how comic books reflect our lives but our lives have incorporated comic books info them.

Jim is talking about just that in a special Halloween themed CBC!

Check it out below!
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Welcome back to this weeks edition of Comic Book Crossover. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, ate lots of Turkey and saw some awesome movies. I sure did, with the wife working this holiday season I was even able to see Homefront with Jason Statham & James Franco and Oldboy, A Spike Lee Joint (I love saying that) two fun mind numbing movies. Then have a quick Turkey-day celebrations with the family, mission accomplished.


Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that has shown up in all of our favorite superhero books, from Avengers to Justice League they’ve all celebrated this American holiday at one time or another. The most popular example of our heroes embracing Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade where we’re able to see our favorite superheroes floating high above the crowd.

The first hero to make it into the parade was Superman, how awesome is that balloon? It looks like something you could make with a little free time and a sewing machine.


Todays big parade hero is really a fantastic looking Spiderman, watching ol’webhead snaking his way through downtown NYC is a real highlight for me.

spider man macys thanksgiving day balloon

Well that and eating leftover Turkey sandwiches. I think I may try a Ross & Rachel Geller special this year and add a “moist maker” to tonights dinner.

This was a big week for comics. It has always boggled my mind when it comes to shipping. Why are some weeks so packed and others so light.

photo 1

It would be really nice for my wallet if there was a more even flow from week to week. This week I spent over $40 on comics, I know what’s wrong with me. The only way I am able to justify all this spending to myself is, well at least it’s not meth or crack.

This was a good week though both Walking Dead came out from Image

photo 2

and Infinity #6 from Marvel.

photo 4

These would have to be my picks of the week. Walking Dead has been awesome. The all out war storyline is still cruising along and I have to say is well worth the money. Next is Infinity #6 I don’t want to ruin anything for you but if you want to see where the movies are heading check out this series.

That’s it for this week. If your out for Black Friday stop by and throw some business to your local comic shop.


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