Fanboy Fail Friday! The Comic Con Riots! The Novel Strumpet Gets Pushed Into a Planter! Moronic Security! And No Understanding Of Crowd Control!

Friday, this started but I figured it would have gotten better by Saturday, again cooler heads did not prevail.

Here’s what happened.

This security guy…

San Diego Comic Con moron security causes a near riot 6

He decided he needed to demonstrate how big his penis was and tried to stop thousands of people from going into the convention center.

Our group was the first in line, Yes we’re crazy but we all really wanted the Suicide Squad signing.

When we walked in, we were in the very front. The Novel Strumpet got up early to help us all out even.

This asinine guy, tried to control the entire crowd, without a bullhorn, megaphone, nothing. I could barely hear him and I was in front. People piled in back and in a minute there were THOUSANDS of rapid comic con people trying to get in the door all being stopped by this asshat.

They led everyone down the longest and widest hallway in history and I guess the thinking was… “Gee, no one will try and get around” because when people did run on the side they were scolded but allowed to stay there.

Then this moron tried to stop the line because the door was coming up. Mind you, I almost tripped 10 times because we were so packed in.

San Diego Comic Con moron security causes a near riot 6

As we approached the door with about five thousand people behind us, all anyone could see is ANOTHER Line on the opposite side of the convention streaming in. Even though we were first.

What did this idiot say? “I know you see people going in line, but I’m not letting you in, you’re not going in until I say so.”

Then, because the opening was only two doors wide he said, “Everyone in the middle needs to surge forward…”

Are you shitting me? This is crowd control?

San Diego Comic Con moron security causes a near riot 6

People didn’t stand for it and pushed past him and then… It was like a riot. People got slammed into the walls.

The Novel Strumpet got pushed into a wall, and then a planter. I grabbed her hand and tried to protect her. Someone else fell to the ground. It was a riot now. This all happened thanks to this one idiot.

One person, ruined the biggest day of SDCC!

I ended up about 500 people back in line. From number one, to 500.

Needless to say, I didn’t end up pulling for Suicide Squad. It all worked out for me, but more on that later.

To SDCC’s credit, on Sunday the line up, I hear was orderly and single file. They did it much better and didn’t have this chaos. At least they learned from their mistake, but for the fans who waited all night, it really did suck.

Until next time kids…

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