Ellen Page Awesomeness! DVD Dave Meets The Inception Star And Finishes His Juno DVD! Autograph Madness!

I can’t believe that DVD Dave broke down and did an article for us here at Mike The Fanboy! I’m so stoked! See, when you’re out and about there are folks who are cool and you can talk to for hours about movies, autographs, etc.. and then… well… Then there are those that shall not be named. LOL…

So, when I saw Dave’s article submission in my inbox, I knew it had to be a special event! And finishing off a big cast piece… Well, that’s a special event around these parts!

Give DVD Dave a big welcome to MTF and check out his first (and not last) article!



Hi! I’m DVD Dave. You might have come across my name a couple of times here and asked yourself, “Who is this DVD Dave? Why is he called DVD Dave?” Well, I am an autograph collector as many of you are I’m sure. The thing is I prefer getting autographs on my DVD sleeves. Boy did I get a lot of eye rolling when I first start coming out. But now, it is expected that I whip out a DVD whenever I am out and about. I have thousands of DVDs in my collection. As of this writing, I estimate that I have a little over 3,200 DVD pieces signed. I don’t remember who first started calling me DVD Dave, but it stuck. It doesn’t bother me. Rather, I take pride in it.

Anyway, enough about me. I had been told in the past that I should write for the site. I always said I would. In fact, I promised Mike a write up of my Stevie Nicks encounter from way back. I still intend to, but this took precedence.

I have been working on my “Juno” DVD since 2008 when I got Jason Bateman to sign it. Over the years I have added enough names to where I had felt it was almost complete: writer Diablo Cody, director Jason Reitman, and actors Olivia Thirlby, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Rainn Wilson, J.K. Simmons, and Allison Janney. All that was left was the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae…”Juno” herself, Ellen Page. I just was having the WORST luck with her!

Don’t misunderstand. I HAD gotten her to sign for me before. Specifically, “Hard Candy”

ellen page patrick wilson signed autograph Hard Candy DVD cover

and “X-Men: The Last Stand”. You can see them below (I hope).

X-Men the last stand ellen page hugh jackman signed autograph dvd sleeve rare kitty pryde

Thing is… that was back in 2008. The same year I started “Juno”. So “What happened?!?” Well unless you are a professional grapher, you really only see celebrities when they are out promoting their new projects. I skipped her next 2 projects (“Whip It” and “Inception”) and in the few other instances I saw her I was always skipped! You do not know how heartbreaking it is when a celebrity signs to the left of you, signs to the right of you then moves on.

(Editor’s Note: Trust me… I do! LOL M-)

It is ESPECIALLY frustrating if they take YOUR OWN PEN and skip you! Anyway…Fast forward to 2013…

I take my “Juno” out of storage since I know Ellen is out promoting her new film, “The East”. At the premiere for the film, others are going bat crazy at the thought of getting Alexander Skarsgard from “True Blood”. I have a couple of things for him too, but my main goal is getting Ellen to finish “Juno” that night. So she shows up on the red carpet and people go bat crazy when they see her coming over. Problem is she is coming over at the same time that Skarsgard is signing! UGH!!! I hate leaving my spot when I am at an event, but Ellen is moving in opposite direction of me. This is usually not a good sign folks.

So I go after her and I explain to her as she’s taking a picture with a fan that she is the last person I need on my DVD. Luckily, she takes pity on me and signs it. Unfortunately she used a SILVER Sharpie! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had signed in black prior to her. So not only is it silver, but it is a BAD silver! Barely visable at all! Can YOU spot the godawful signature by Ellen below?

Juno signed autograph cast dvd cover rare ellen page michael cera jennifer garner

Why Ellen? WHY?!?!?!?

Juno signed autograph cast dvd cover rare ellen page michael cera jennifer garner

I accepted it, but refused to accept this as a “done” piece. So later the same week I found out she was going to be doing a Q&A for the film with the director and Patricia Clarkson. HAPPY HAPPY! JOY JOY! One last chance to salvage my tarnished piece!

I get front row center for this screening kiddies. I see the film (Pretty good I must admit) and soon the guests are introduced. I hope she doesn’t remember from the premiere. Being viewed as a stalker is never a good thing. So the typical questions come up, “How do I break into show biz? BLAH BLAH BLAH” When the Q&A wraps the moderator asks that we all stay seated because the panel has to leave quickly. UH UH! I lean in toward the rising Ellen Page, still seated mind you (Thank goodness I have a long reach!) and ask her to sign. I hand her the BLACK Sharpie and even direct her to the CLEAR space on top. Fortunately, she stopped and signed as I asked.

Juno signed autograph cast dvd cover rare ellen page michael cera jennifer garner

I had 2 things for Patricia Clarkson and another piece for Ellen. No, not “Whip It” nor “Inception”….the Rainn Wilson film “Super” (insert eye rolling here).

(Editor’s Note: Consider it inserted! 😉 M-)

I didn’t get anything else signed but that’s okay. My mission was complete! So be persistent and maybe your graph encounter will be memorable for you too! Sorry for not including pictures of the Q&A. We were told no photos. I will make up for it whenever I get to that Stevie Nicks article! Till then…mamo jamo samo gamo!

Juno signed autograph cast dvd cover rare ellen page michael cera jennifer garner

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