Pretty In Pinky Goes To The Emmys! Who Was Nice? Who Was Mean? Lena Dunham! Freddie Highmore! Merritt Weaver! And More!

Oh Pinky, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Pinky!

The gregarious Ms. Pinky did her annual Emmy trip and she had some awesome luck. I can only imagine what a crazy time it must be. The running, the madness, the sequins glittering in the air.

It’s also a great time to meet people that we don’t see that often here in LA LA Land… Like the cast of Girls, etc…

So, what are we waiting for… Drumroll please! Check out Pinky At The Emmys! 2013!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here with a quick recap of my fourth year being lucky enough to attend the Emmy Awards.

pinky keith coogan emmys 2013 rare

Aside from Sundance, Emmys weekend is pretty much my favorite celebrity hunting weekend of the year because I love the flurry of activity all over the city. This year was no exception, although I think there might’ve been TOO much going on, as the usual pre-Emmy party I go to on Friday night was a lot less populated than it was in the past. Still, I did get to see Sam Trammell, which always makes it a good night for me.

sam trammel signing autographs fan photo rare true blood

As an added bonus, my love, Keith Coogan,

pinky keith coogan emmys 2013 rare (1)

was able to go to the Emmys with me and my girl, Lindsay, from

lindsay from I am not a stalker with pinky lovejoy at the emmy awards

We had a great time!

lindsay from I am not a stalker with pinky lovejoy at the emmy awardspinky keith coogan emmys 2013 rare (4)

Here are some highs and lows from the weekend:
Highs: Being able to meet the Emmy award winner for Best Supporting Actress, Merritt Weaver. I LOVE Merritt and am SO glad she won!

Merritt Weaver fan photo signing autographs emmy awards rare

It was even better to be able to meet her on the night she won. She totally deserved it!

Freddie Highmore was another awesome person to meet and he was SO sweet! He even introduced himself and asked how I was doing. Loved it!

freddie highmore fan photo emmy awards signing autographs

As a huge fan of Girls, I was thrilled to get a “photo redux” with Lena Dunham (as you may recall the disaster of a picture from last year – no flash!)

lena dunham fan photo signing autographs rare girls star hot

and one of the guys on the show, Alex Karpovsky.

Alex Karpovsky signing autographs fan photo emmy awards rare

I’d hoped to meet more of the girls from the show, but alas, it wasn’t to be. Biggest kudos of the night goes to Carson Daly for stopping to pose with me despite having his arms full holding two Emmy awards, while trying to make a phone call, and being summoned by his chauffeur (all at the same time).

Carson Daly fan photo signing autographs rare promo emmy awards

Very impressed with him! Many people would’ve totally blown me off at that point (and I would’ve understood).
Lows: Being rejected in the worst way possible (which is when they go spontaneously deaf when you ask them for a picture) by some of the nicest celebrities around – Julie Bowen (!), Betsy Brandt, and Sarah Hyland. Scott Bakula was one of the main people I was hoping to meet, but he declined my request several times, and Robin Wright just flat out ignored me.

But the worst was when Sarah Hyland (this was at the actual Emmys – her previous rejection had been on Friday night) hung out in the lobby for quite awhile with her boyfriend. We waited patiently for her to finish with friends because we didn’t want to interrupt her, but when we finally were able to ask her for a picture, I felt like I’d been chided by a mean school teacher. Her reply was an incredibly curt, “If you do it quickly and discreetly.” Um, considering I wasn’t the only person asking and she continued to hang out there for a  long time, I’m not sure what the rush was for (or the verbal lashing – the tone made it especially harsh), but whatever. I’ll be sure to never ask her for a picture again.
I’ve included a sampling of some of the Emmy pictures I was able to get. Enjoy!

Johnny Galecki fan photo signing autographs emmy awards

Johnny Galecki fan photo signing autographs emmy awards

stephen colbert fan photo signing autographs

paula abduhl fan photo signing autographs emmy awards

Straight Up, Straight Up Don’t Tell me you’re going to love me forever!

paula abduhl fan photo signing autographs emmy awards

paula abduhl fan photo signing autographs emmy awards

aubrey plaza fan photo signing autographs rare

Emilia Clarke fan photo signing autographs rare game of thrones

For additional pink fodder, please visit or follow me on Twitter @pinkylovejoy. As always, have a pink day! J

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