Half Fanboy Fail Friday Part Deux! Denzel Washington Disses! But Viola Davis Is Awesome To Everyone!

Fences is the newest Oscar film to be put on the awards circuit and earlier there was a q and a with the cast including Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and the rest of the cast.

The film is remarkable and I have to say, I think we saw two Oscar front runners in the performances of their lives.

The q and a itself was lively and fun.

“My job became is where do the scenes take place, so that was a real process to figure out where we should be and when. That’s the difference in directing. The words are all the same in terms of the original play, but where we did them were different.” said Denzel Washington.

fences-q-and-a-denzel-washington-dissing-fans-1 fences-q-and-a-denzel-washington-dissing-fans-1

There was a specific scene that was talked about and if you see the film, you’ll know which one I’m talking about.

“I asked my daughter, would you stand out front of the place, or would you go in?” Denzel Washington said, “That was an interesting point of view, and I knew that, and so I put her outside and he had to walk to her.”

fences-q-and-a-denzel-washington-dissing-fans-1 fences-q-and-a-denzel-washington-dissing-fans-1 fences-q-and-a-denzel-washington-dissing-fans-1

The overall night was a lot of fun!

After the panel I went to the front and Denzel Washington smiled at everyone and walked out. He wouldn’t do selfies and/or sign for anyone inside.

He wasn’t rude my any means, but he wasn’t about to greet fans either.

Viola Davis on the other hand was nice as could be. The handlers were trying to rush her out but she stayed to takes form photos, she signed my How to Get Away With Murder poster and my Fences poster as well.

She was very nice. I’ve always had great luck with her and this was no exception.

So, again this was a half fanboy fail friday!

Until next time kids… Again sorry about the bad pics, the lighting was so dark nothing would work!

Viola Davis signed autograph fences poster Viola Davis signed autograph how to get away with murder poster

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