Funko Friday Five! The Top Pop Vinyls Of The Week! Wonder Woman Edition! Diana Prince! Lynda Carter! Chris Pine! And More!

Friday Funko Five



Hey Kids, what’s poppin’? Another no-brainer this week as DC finally has a hit both critically and financially with the long awaited release of Wonder Woman. They needed this and it looks pretty decent. While Gil Gadot is hot and does a good job, Lynda Carter is still tops on mine and many other people’s lists and she fills the number 4 and 5 spot on this list. I love the Pop with the invisible jet. It’s kewl. Chris Pine also joins another franchise as Steve Trevor and gets another Pop of himself to admire next to his Captain Kirk figures and such. Gil gets her pops in as Diana Prince with sexy hat and a sweet looking Wonder Woman and fans will not be disappointed with these babies. Grab ‘em while they’re hot.



Diana Prince Funko Pop

Wonder Woman Movie Funko Pop


Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Funko Pop


Classic Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman with Invisible Jet

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