Meeting The Champ Muhammad Ali! Andrew Shares His Story About The Legendary Boxer!

With the recent passing of Muhammad Ali, I think the world shed more than a few tears.

Andrew just sent in an awesome article where he met the champ back in 1990. It was a day he will never forget.

I’m so glad Andrew shared his story!

Check it out below!

1990..When I was 15 yrs old my Mom and I went to The local mall. (She didn’t want to go alone), and as we were walking through the department store May Co. As we were walking we came across a big sign saying: MUHAMMAD ALI COLOGNE ON SALE- MEET THE CHAMP TODAY

My Mom said to me “oh we’re staying, get in line!”. At that time I knew about Ali but didn’t realize how great and important he was, because I was born when it was ALI vs FRAZIER III and I was too busy being a teenager. Anyways , I was 3rd person in line, and it got crowded very quick. I was in shock because I never been apart of something like this.

It was time, ALI entered the store he waved , stopped looked around and performed a magic trick, everyone laughed and applauded. He must’ve had 8 bodyguards. He sat down and started signing. It was my turn , due to the hype and the turnout it hit me how much he meant to the world.

As I approached ALI said (in his low voice) “hello, what’s your name?” And smiled. I said “hi, it’s Andrew”.

He then started signing very slow due to his Parkinsons and as he wrote ‘to Andrew’ his bodyguard whispered in Ali ear something like “champ, just sign name, no ‘To’ or ‘date'”….And Ali ignored him and did it for me but no one else after me. I’m assuming because it was taking to long to write and there were a lot of people to sign for. He then Shook my hand, smiled , I smiled back and said “Thank you Muhammad”

Back then there was no camera phones only old school cameras but we didn’t have one on hand so I didn’t get a pic with the Champ but I’ll never forget meeting him and getting his autograph . I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of sports athletes and hollywood celebrities And to this day meeting Muhammad Ali will always be my favorite. RIP CHAMP.

Muhammad Ali signed autograph 1

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