Mike The Fanboy’s Newest Column Pretty In Pinky! With Ricky Schroder or Cough Cough Rick Schroder!

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Here we are face to face, a couple of Silver Spoons! Hoping to find, we’re two of a kind making a go, making it grow together! We’re gonna find our way…” Yep, that was from memory people! Ah, Silver Spoons, the show that said, “Rich kids, have problems too” and a train. Didn’t every kid in America at the time want that Train?

Anyway, today is a special day here at Mike The Fanboy, a big round of applause for our new contributor Ms. Pinky Lovejoy! And the title of her column… Wait for it… Pretty in Pinky! Loving it! Pinky’s heart, as is mine, is firmly set in the decade of spandex, shoulder pads, The Facts Of Life, and neon… I can only be talking about the 1980’s! Now, Pinky has free rein to do whatever she likes, but I think that’s where her focus lies… and today her focus is on none other than Mr. Ricky Schroder… or is it Rick Schroder?

So, without further adieu, a big Mike The Fanboy welcome to Pinky!


Hello my lovelies, this is Pinky Lovejoy and welcome to the newest feature on mikethefanboy.com called Pretty in Pinky. Now, I realize you’ve heard from both Mikey and CB regarding my deep and abiding love for Duran Duran, but what you might not know is that just like VH1, I love the ’80s – the good, the bad, the fluorescent. But, above the leg warmers, the boom boxes, and the big hair, the one thing I loved more than anything (even Duran Duran, if that’s possible) is, was, and will always be Ricky Schroder. Yes, that’s right; my heart belongs to The Ricker.

rick schroder ricky schroder rare signed autograph nypb blue butt silver spoons hot sexy fine rare fan phtoo signed promo photo

If you’d seen my bedroom growing up, you’d think it was some sort of shrine to all things Ricky Schroder. I had the black rubber bracelets intertwined on my arm, just like he wore, and for my 12th birthday, my mom had the bakery put a picture of Ricky Schroder on my birthday cake – his likeness made into frosting goodness. The last time I met him, I got so flustered that I blurted out this fact. His response, “You ate my face?” To which I replied, “No, no, of course not. I ate your lips.” Um, is this better? Why did I need to say this in my outside voice?

rick schroder ricky schroder silver spoons nypd blue butt hot sexy fine rare signed autograph fan photo

The first time I met Ricky Schroder was at a church event in Utah where he was speaking. He was very friendly and was happy to pose with me for a picture. I showed him my rubber bracelets and he was very impressed, even asking me if I knew the words to the theme from his amazing TV show, Silver Spoons. I told him it was on my iPod (see, I told you, I’m an uber fan) and he seemed to like that. You’d never know that he was the grown up father of four look-a-like children, as he still has his boyish good looks and winning smile. To this day he’s my #1 crush and meeting him in person (once in Utah and once randomly in California) only solidified the crush for me. Ricky Schroder is totally tubular, man. Like, fer sure.

For more Pinky Lovejoy goodness, visit my blog at: www.pinkylovejoy.blogspot.com

Have a pink day!
Love, Pinky

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