Fanboy Fail Fridays! My Worst Fail EVER! William Shatner Turning Me Down One On One! Seriously Shatner? SERIOUSLY!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday, and I have to tell you…

This week, while full of fails, gave me probably one of the worst fails I’ve ever had. I know what you’re thinking… “Mike, no! Not you!” I know. It’s true.

So, I was out at a random event with Scotty, and we were waiting on a few people. One of them was William Shatner. Now, when I was like 10 years old, William was doing an appearance at an auto show. I begged my Dad to take me as I was a huge fan.

william shatner is a dickhead

He said okay, and we headed downtown Detroit to meet Captain Kirk. I was super excited and couldn’t believe I was going to get an autograph from Captain Kirk.

We got there and stood in line, waiting and waiting. Now, when William Shatner took the stage he said hello, and then something about the Browns losing a football game and then said, “I’m not signing autographs.” At ten I was like… Uh… What you talking about Kirk?

My Dad was pissed, I was upset, everyone in line was like what the hell? Then apparently someone had a talk with him and he said people can come up and say hello during that allotted time. Well… Suffice it to say, I didn’t make it up in the allotted time.

william shatner flipping people off william shatner is a dickhead

I had with me my Dad’s original Mego Star Trek Captain Kirk figure that he gave me. For some reason he kept it in the package and everything.

So, with that fail under my belt, I didn’t expect much.. What I didn’t expect was what happened.

william shatner flipping people off william shatner is a dickhead william-shatner-actor_100312279_m

At the event, this week we had waiting a while and I was going to leave. I gave Scotty a couple things since he didn’t have anything for Shatner and one other person.

Scotty was at the corner and we all started talking and I ended up staying. BUT Scotty still had my figure.

I walked around the back and who walks out… Just William Shatner, by himself, no one around. Now, I didn’t have the figure cause Scotty had it.

star trek mego captain kirk original action figure   1

William Shatner said to me, “Where is the parking structure? You know the tunnel?”

I gave him directions on how he could make it over there, and where he needed to go. He thanked me and I see Scotty out of the corner of my eye, I run up, grab my figure and see William Shatner just sitting at one of the tables texting.

So, I wait until he’s done. Now, no one else even had anything for him. I was the only one.

I walked up to him and said, “Mr. Shatner, I’m sorry to bother you, but would you mind if I got a quick autograph.”

I held out this action figure that had been passed down in my family, William Shatner looked up, and said..

“Thank you so much for asking, but I can’t sign that. I’m sorry, no. If you have something else maybe but I can’t do that?”

I honestly was floored. Even though I had one bad experience with him when I was four apples high, I still would never have expected that.

I said, “Oh, well this is all I have, it was my Dad’s…”

He said, “Sorry no, not that.”

I said, “Oh… Okay.”

And walked away.

I turned and everyone was in shock. Scotty said, “It looked like you just got punched in the balls.”

And that’s what I felt like… Again.

william shatner flipping people off william shatner is a dickhead william-shatner-actor_100312279_m

I’m still in a little bit of shock, I mean I get that he can charge $80 bucks to get something like that signed, but come on dude. If you needed the money that bad, I would have wrote you a check.

I understand the whole convention scene, I really do, but there’s nothing wrong with scribbling your name on something free once in a while, especially in a setting like that.


Until next time kids…

shatner-flips-off-conan william shatner flipping people off william shatner is a dickhead william-shatner-actor_100312279_m

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