Retro Rewind! 50 Years Ago Today: The Out-Of-Towners Released! Kenny Rogers! And More!

50 Years Ago Today: May 28, 1970 –
The Out-of-Towners, directed by Arthur Hiller, starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis opens in theaters.
•Kenny Rogers and the First Edition continue a week long run at the Grove at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

•Occidental Petroleum writes an open letter to the people of Pacific Palisades, Ca, who are objecting to the drilling for oil on Pacific Coast Highway. Although they minimize any environmental harm, the people of the beach-side community remain skeptical and continue with their “NO Oil” campaign.

•Tricia Nixon invited 2,000 underprivileged youths to the White House for a concert, where she served punch and cookies to the guests. The White House unveiled two new portraits, including one of Dolly Madison; the President compared her to Mrs. Nixon.

Tricia Nixon

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