Scream 4 Director Wes Craven is Awesome To Fans… David Beckham… Well He Waved!

wes craven nightmare on elm street mike sametz scream four rare signed autograph fan photo new nightmare

Today might be a tad insane… I guess we shall see… As many of you know I love the Scream films and now with Scream 4 coming out it’s a great chance to get all my Scream things signed and meet the stars of my favorite film series. Today, none other then the Steven Spielberg of horror Mr. Wes Craven is doing a rare personal appearance! I’m so excited. Also, appearing with Mr. Craven… David Beckham… Oh did I mention insanity? Sigh..

5:04 p.m. – I just arrived and there are tons of people here. Scotty is here already. He has his W magazine with David Beckham and Victoria Beckham on the cover. I have a few magazines with David on the front, but I’m really here for Wes Craven.

5:14 p.m. – I am like in the third row, so this might be a wash, lol… I’m hoping that once David Beckham leaves that there will be less people here… but you just never know.

5:32 p.m. – I have to tell you, the sun is shining so bright, it’s nuts. I mean like it’s so bright it’s hard to believe that just last week it was overcast and in the middle of a monsoon… ugh…

the sun shining waiting for David Beckham and wes craven in los angeles signed autograph

5:43 p.m. – Oh, I think someone is arriving… damn that’s fast! Oh… Oh…

5:46 p.m. – Damn, they are pulling the car almost right up to the door. And there is personal security, three cars.. Oh yeah, it’s the Beckhams! lol…

5:49 p.m. – They just popped right in the door. I couldn’t even see with the bright sun, but I think I got some video. All the kids are here and Victoria Beckham as well. Wow, the gang really is all there..

5:51 p.m. – Holy crap, Wes Craven just walked in. Man, this is early for everyone to arrive. Damn… he waved going in, and then waved right before we walked in the door.

5:55 p.m. – There are a lot of people here just for Wes Craven. I thought that more people would be here for David Beckham but people are here for both or just for Wes Craven. Wow, I don’t know why I’m shocked, but I am.

6:22 p.m. – The sun is finally going down, thank the good lord!

6:34 p.m. – It looks like we are in it for the long haul.

6:43 p.m. – Scotty has his original Drew Barrymore limited edition Scream VHS copy for Wes Craven. I have brought my entire DVD library. LOL.. But really I’m dead set on getting my Scream mini poster, my Scream 4 mini poster and I brought my Red Eye mini poster… lol… don’t judge, I liked Red Eye! lol…

wes craven signed autograph VHS limited edition drew barrymore scream cover hot sexy rare promo

6:56 p.m. – There is an outdoor concert today, by Sum 41… They are sound checking. Ugh… They are not good. Well, not to rip on them or anything, but let’s just say, I am not a fan. Sigh…

7:12 p.m. – I can’t believe that the Beckhams have such an entourage… I don’t know why it shocks me, but it always does. I suppose the day it stops surprising me, I become jaded. Ah well…

david beckham talk show taping rare signed autograph l a galaxy la rare hot sexy damn

7:26 p.m. – The cars… well, the Beckham’s Cars are moving into position. It looks like one is going straight and one is turning. Wow, they are splitting up to avoid the paps.

7:28 p.m. – Speaking of paps, there are tons of them here. I think people actually flew in just to shoot them. Random.

7:31 p.m. – Oh, and there he is, Mr. David Beckham, he has one of his spawn with him. I don’t think he’s going to come over and sign. I never did, but now, this has sealed the deal. Ugh…

7:32 p.m. – We got a wave from David Beckham… Wow… Since he has his family with him I don’t really blame him. I mean, that would be kinda hard…

7:34 p.m. – And there he does… lol… Later David Beckham!

7:37 p.m. – Oh, and there’s Victoria Beckham! Scotty is yelling for her, since she is his favorite Spice Girl. lol… He also was hoping to get both David and Victoria on his W Magazine but alas that isn’t meant to be.

david beckham shirtless sexy hot tatoo w magazine rare hot fucking damn victoria beckham rare signed w magazine

7:41 p.m. – All the photographers have left. Wow, there really was a lot of photographers here… I mean damn… Well, there’s a lot more space here now. lol…

7:54 p.m. – Wow, I thought Wes Craven would be out by now… sigh… I’m hoping he will come over… Man, I have loved Wes Craven for such a long time. I’m a horror buff, I don’t like the gory horror I like the fun horror and honestly Wes Craven does a lot of that.

8:03 p.m. – Sum 41 are playing… Wow… Sigh… Let’s just say, it’s not pop, it’s not punk and it’s not my taste!

8:12 p.m. – The concert is over. Still no Wes Craven…

8:16 p.m. – I will say, this is a perfect evening… not too cold, not too hot… Scotty and I are just hanging out with Anushika and Frank is here bouncing around. He said he would help me with Wes Craven since he only wants a photo.

8:25 p.m. – Oh, something is happening… Yep, that’s him! Wes Craven is leaving and everyone is calling him over. Ummmmmmmm He looks like he is considering signing… YES! He’s coming over…

Wes Craven signed autograph scream 4 four nightmare on elm street red eye rare horror director freddy krueger

8:26 p.m. – Wes Craven comes straight over to where I am and signs a guys Nightmare on Elm Street photo, and then he gets my Scream mini poster. he is only trying to do one per person and seems kinda uneasy with all the attention.

Wes craven signed autograph rare scream 4 scream four mini poster nightmare on elm street new nightmare my soul to take red eye horror director

8:27 p.m. – It’s funny because after everything he signs Wes Craven gives the pen back, and we all keep telling him… Keep the pen! lol…

scream cast signed mini poster wes craven david arquette rare autograph scream 4 four rare neve campbell courteney cox rose mcgowan

8:28 p.m. – Scotty is having a hell of a time getting his VHS signed. And Wes will not do photos. Oh, speak too soon. Someone wore him down and got a photo.

scream 4 four director Wes Craven signed autograph nightmare on elm street my soul to take red eye rare promo signed autograph poster

8:29 p.m. – Frank and I headed to the other end of the barricade and Frank gets Wes on my Scream 4 mini poster.

red eye signed mini poster wes craven autograph rare promo rachel mcadams cillian murphy signed hot promo scream 4

I then get Wes Craven on my Red Eye poster. I think everyone got something. Then I grab Scotty who is chatting away, and I’m like, let’s try for a photo. Scotty said he already asked and Wes Craven said no. But he’s doing them now so I tell him to get in there.

scream 4 scream four signed wes craven autograph nightmare on elm street rare promo my soul to take red eye halloween horror director

8:30 p.m. – Scotty jumped in and got his photo with Wes Craven and then I got a photo with Wes Craven. Man, I will tell you, he spent a lot of time with the fans.

wes craven scream 4 director scream four signed autograph rare promo poster mini nightmare on elm street rare red eye mini poster

He did try and only sign one thing per person but everyone got a couple it seemed. I’m stoked! The start of my Scream four week has been a success, way more than I thought! Whoo Hoo!

scream four 4 autograph wes craved signed mini poster courteney cox david arquette neve campbell rare hot promo rare ghostface

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