FANBOY FAIL! Heading To The Jesus Henry Christ Premiere Only To Have Julia Roberts Get Beamed Out Of The Theatre! Toni Collette Not Show Up! And Michael Sheen Diss!

Talk about FANBOY FAIL! I was out tonight with the talented twosome known as Ms. Pretty in Pinky and Lindsay from Why you may ask? Well… it was a premiere destined for Mike The Fanboy… Toni Collette (who I love) stars in, Julia Roberts (a 1990s classic!) executive produced and Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls Hello!) is dating the other star Michael Sheen! I mean this was made for MTF!

And then…

Disaster. First, the premiere was at the Chinese 6 which in and of itself sucks. Second, even though I had tickets the line was so long I couldn’t get in. Grumble…

jesus-henry-christ uk quad mini movie poster promo rare toni collette julia roberts michael sheen

The Chinese Six has so many ways to go in and out, and in and out and in and out… Sigh… So, apparently there is an odd hidden door inside the theatre on the side. As we were waiting outside I see Michael Sheen walk in through this door and onto the carpet. Dammit no Rachel… Ah well…

jesus henry christ rare promo press still toni collette michael sheen rare promo indie film julia roberts produced

So, I wait again and see Julia Roberts enter the same hidden door. I swear to God it was like a live action version of Clue only with celebrities as the characters… Grumble. Julia was flanked by six… yes six! Security people. Really? It’s not 1990. Ah well…

Okay, so we wait in the lobby… Did Toni Collette show? Nope. A no show! FANBOY FAIL!

Toni-Collette-Jesus-Henry-Christ rare promo press still toni collette screaming in anger pregnant promo rare hot

But still we wait… Would Julia be nice for the few of us waiting…? Hmmmm… Emma Roberts showed up but I don’t have anything for her except stern words for ruining Scream 4.

Scotty then shows up and we’re all chilling in the lobby with Pinky and Lindsay bowing out after a bit… Yet still I plug on. I know I should call it… but I don’t. After going to get food, coming back, having CB join us with his bright yellow San Diego Comic Con bag emblazoned with Bugs Bunny on it (oh subtlety…) and still waiting so more, the film finally breaks.

Julia-Roberts-11 rare promo press still black and white pretty woman photo hot sex 1990s star

There’s Michael Sheen and he’s with Rachel McAdams! Holy crap… When did she show up? They bee line, I mean like bee line for the exit. Of course security surrounded them and even though there were only four people asking do you think that they could have signed one each at the elevator? Nope… Michael put his head down and turned his back on everyone.

Rachel-McAdams-rachel-mcadams-113397_351_600 rare regina george mean girls rare promo press still photo hot sexy pink

I will clarify, I didn’t even ask Rachel because I know that since Michael wasn’t going to do it she wouldn’t and I just didn’t want to deal with all that. Grumble.

So, back to waiting… The film breaks officially, and people are leaving… No Julia… Seriously? What did they do beam her out. I was watching that door like a hawk. Really. I think Mr. Scott came from the future and beamed the Pretty Woman out of there so she wouldn’t have to sign my Sleeping With The Enemy Mini poster… I mean it’s true… BEAMED! No other way… And what did Scotty, CB and I get… NADDA!


215px-Sleeping_With_The_Enemy rare promo one sheet movie poster promo 1991 action thriller julia roberts patrick bergin hot rare

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