New Spider-Man Homecoming Poster! WTF Happened?!? One Of The Worst Posters Of The Year!

As much as I love Marvel films, I just can’t help but look at the new Spider-Man Homecoming poster and scratch my head.

Let’s be honest, it’s a photoshopped mess! What were they thinking? I get that they wanted to put Robert Downey Jr’s face on the poster seeing as he’s all over the trailer, but he as well as his alter ego Iron Man are both in the poster and Iron Man is seemingly flying through a sea of floating heads.

Spider man homecoming poster 2

Was there a contractual obligation to put Marissa Tomei on there because it looks like she’s about to get speared in the corner.

Plus, Michael Keaton is on there twice as Vulture and his alter ego. It’s odd that Michael Keaton is seemingly growing out of Tom Holland’s shoulder…

I haven’t seen such a mess of a poster for a big screen high profile film since the X-Men First Class posters so many years ago.!

Check it out below and let me know what you think!

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