Suddenly Susan Talks About Meeting The Cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf Including Sexy Star Tyler Posey! Tyler Hoechlin! And More! Autographs! Photos!

Awww, this just warms my Fanboy Heart! I love hearing stories like this! It’s been a long long time since we’ve heard from the wonderful Suddenly Susan and thankfully, she has broken her silence with this awesome report on the Teen Wolf panel at the Paley Center! I will admit that I have meant to check out the show but alas have not done so yet… But judging by Susan’s description I’m going to have to!

Check out her full recap after the jump!


Say the words Teen Wolf and people immediately think of the 1980’s Michael J. Fox movie. People seem to like that movie. For me, it was cheesy. Like a cheese lover’s pizza with cheese stuffed crust kind of cheesy. That’s way too much cheese. But, when I saw that the Paley Center was hosting a Season 2 Premiere Screening and Q&A for the MTV series Teen Wolf, I jumped at the chance and got myself a ticket.

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I had to leave work early in order to beat traffic. I used the ‘ol I have a doctor appointment excuse. Can you imagine if I had told them I was going to see the Teen Wolf panel instead? I arrived and was 3rd in line for non members and members had about 17 or so. Side note – why are a bunch of teenagers Paley Center members? And how the heck did they get here when they’re not old enough to drive? Sorry, I digress…

The drop offs start early and the cast members are super nice, stopping for photos and signatures even with security dragging them, literally, away by the arm. I stay put. There’s a calmness in the air and even the girls who got photos weren’t freaking out, so I’m pretty confident I’ll get them after the Q&A. A few “professional” dealers were there too, scrambling for signatures. Boy I hate those guys.

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I know I’m waaay beyond the target demographic for this show, but I love it. As a wise man once told me, ‘if you watch a show, you’re in their demographic’. Besides, it’s funny, scary, sometimes gory, and has plenty of hot man skin. Before you start calling SVU on me, all the male cast members are in their twenties, so I can legally drool if I want.

tyler posey sexy hot shirless promo photo shoot mtv teen wolf press promo still muscle abs underwear hot sexy rare

The premiere episode was fantastic and the Q&A was very entertaining and funny. Second side note – I know I’m getting old, because I was thinking how nice it was that the cast dressed up for the event. I hate seeing grown ass men who role out to a Q&A, premiere, or other event for their show looking homeless. This means you Johnny Depp! It was nice to see these young men dressed in suits and ties and the young ladies in dresses nice enough for the red carpet. Wow, I am getting old.

tyler posey sexy hot shirless promo photo shoot mtv teen wolf press promo still muscle abs underwear hot sexy rare

I fully expected a mad dash for the stage, but I was pleasantly surprised at the calm nature of the audience. People made room for others to get close and even removed themselves, saying things like, ‘I got my photo, so let me get out so someone else can get in’. Wow. Seriously? I underestimated my fellow audience full of teenagers. Take a note “professional” hounds. If you behave nicely and have some manners, everyone can get what they want.

It certainly helped that the cast was so nice. Hyper nice, as that same wise man would say. I took photos with each of the cast members. They were so polite and engaging with each and every fan. I asked Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin for a photo re-do, as the first ones came out terrible. “Oh course,” they both said and made sure the second was up to par before moving on to the next waiting fan. I overheard Colton as he carefully checked each fan and muttered, ‘I got her, I got you, oh, I didn’t get you, etc.’ seriously, super-hyper nice.

Teen-Wolf-Derek-Hale-tyler-hoechlin sexy hot shirtless photo teen wolf mtv promo photo shoot road to perdition sexy muscle abs rare

I told Tyler Hoechlin that ‘Road to Perdition’ was one of my favorite movies. Now, I’m sure he hears this all the time, but he actually put his hand over his heart and said, ‘thank you SO much,’ as if it was the very first time he had ever heard that. Last side note – I can’t believe the chubby cheeked boy from that movie is now a prime cut, grade A slice of beefy hunkiness. Seriously, Google him shirtless and see what I mean. Again, he’s 24 so I’m not a perv!

Tyler Hoechlin Derek Hale Teen Wolf tyler-hoechlin sexy hot shirtless photo muscle abs bicep rare promo photo shoot damn fine sexy rare promo

I had gotten the whole cast, except for star Tyler Posey. I asked a girl I had been chatting with where he went. She said he ducked off the stage right away. Perhaps he had somewhere else to be, as he was so nice at Comic Con last year. In the audience, but not part of the panel, were two new characters. I figured, what the heck, I’ll get them on my photo as well. Just then, Tyler Posey came out and announced, ‘sorry guys, I had to pee!’ Again, no mad dash to get to him, but rather a calm line up. I got Tyler Posey on my photo and snapped a picture with him. Before leaving, I noticed Eaddy Mays in the audience (or what was left of it). The two new guys had left by then, but it was way more important to get Tyler Posey, so no worries there. Eaddy plays the mother of Crystal Reed on the show. I and two others asked for her to sign for us. She was absolutely in awe and happy to oblige. ‘I’m so flattered,’ she said. She was trying to find a spot to sing on my photo and said, ‘I don’t want to sign above the kids, I’ll put it on the bottom here’. She is a beautiful woman. Quite stunning up close.

Uber-scuccess!! A great night and a great cast. The nicest I have seen in a LONG time. Thanks to the young cast and the younger audience members who made it a perfect evening.

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