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Elisa Checks Out The Performers On Broadway And Mourns It’s Closing! But Meets Alicia Silverstone! Henry Winkler! Cheyenne Jackson! Ari Graynor! And More! Autographs! Big Apple Awesomeness!

Elisa is a huge Broadway fan! She loves her plays, she loves her musicals, etc… God bless her! This time she is talking about the now defunct play, The Performers. Sadly, it closed early but it had an awesome cast that included Henry Winkler, Cheyenne Jackson, Alicia

Clueless Star Alicia Silverstone Signs For Fans!

Today is Erica’s last day in Los Angeles, at least for this month, and consequently this is our last excursion out and about. Tonight we are trying to get Cher… I mean Alicia Silverstone (who of course was Cher in Clueless…Hello! As if!) who I personally love