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Winona Ryder Talks Beetlejuice 2! It’s Showtime People!

It seems everyone has been talking Beetlejuice 2. Tim Burton is talking about directing the new film, Michael Keaton said he’s in and now… Winona Ryder has been saying it might be a go! According to EW Winona Ryder said, “I’m kind of sworn to secrecy, But

Pretty In Pinky Live From Sundance 2013! It’s Opposite Day! Two Of The Meanest Celebrities Are Suddenly Sweet?!?!? Say Wha! Plus Jessica Alba! Clark Duke! Adam Scott! Amy Poehler! Autographs! Photos!

Ohhhhh… What a world, what a world. Today is opposite world in the land of Sundance! Not only was one notoriously difficult actresses super nice… BUT two of them were… In the same day! It’s madness! MADNESS! I say! Plus, Pinky met a bevy… and really when

Manic Mondays! Pinky Has A Baby! Well… She Meets Elizabeth McGovern And The Cast Of She’s Having A Baby That Is! With Kevin Bacon! Alec Baldwin! Downton Abbey Goodness!

I must admit that far from my better judgment I like Downton Abbey. I know I know… You’re thinking… Mike! That’s a Foppy English Costume Drama! I know… But it’s good, there, I came out of the closet… I like Downton Abbey! However, I will always love