The Interview Pulled From Theatres! Movie Cancelled After Serious Threats!

This is a very sad day for our freedom of expression…

Sony has officially pulled the theatrical release of “The Interview.” This political comedy was scheduled to be shown in theatres across America on Christmas Day.

The Interview

I could not wait to see this movie! I hope they make a deal with Netflix or Amazon that will give us a chance to see the film.

It is claimed by several U.S. officials that the act of cyberterrorism is linked to North Korea. It was previously denied by the foreign government.

The Interview

Therefore, how could any family feel safe watching it?

Instead, Families will have to go see Annie, or Night of the Museum, or Into the Woods…

I know I won’t… I have always like Rogen and Franco comedies…

The Interview

This really dissapoints me…

I understand why it’s being pulled… However, it seems like our freedom of expression is lost with the action…

The Interview

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