The Movie Maven Calls Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy A Natural Pair in Tower Heist? And Wants To Find Out Martin Scorsese’s Secrets In Hugo!

The Movie Maven is chiming in with the latest released on DVD, Netflix and Amazon! Ah God bless her for sifting though all the crap that is being released so you don’t have to!

This week the release list is short but definitely worth a gander… I enjoy writing gander anytime I can. It’s a great word what can I say!

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This weeks new release list is short but sweet.  I have two new reviews for you and I think that they are both worth watching. 

Tower Heist – This star studded cast is able to make corporate fraud and embezzlement funny.  Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy are a natural pair in this comedic version of Ocean’s Eleven.   This movie is pretty ridiculous but it’s definitely worth your time.  I thought it was cute and entertaining, it’s a good lighthearted weekend movie.
tower_heist movie poster tower heist promo poster ben stiller eddie murphy rare promo
Hugo – Just in time for the Academy Awards! This movie is great, it seems like one of those movies that is already a classic even it’s your first time seeing it.  It is a little slow paced but it is totally worth your time.  Martin Scorsese really put thought into this movie, the charters, storyline and scenes. LOVED this movie, definitely a must see and one to look out for when you are watching the Oscars this weekend.

hugo rare movie poster promo hugo teaser movie poster martin scorsese poster promo academy award winner

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