The Novel Strumpet Reviews Crave By Melissa Darnell! Book Review! Sex! Vampires! Bloodlust! Whoo hoo!

Ohhhhh another fun book review of vampires, sex, magic and everything I love… mmmmm The Novel Strumpet loves it as well, we’re in sync… That’s what it’s all about kids. Anyway, for her latest review the Strumpet is talking Crave by Melissa Darnell.

It’s romantic, it’s full of vampires, and then Buffy shows up and… Oh wait, that was my dream last night! DOH!

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Crave by Melissa Darnell

Another e-book landed in my inbox. This one is Crave by Melissa Darnell. It had me at the taglines: Bloodlust. Magic. Forbidden Secrets. It lost me about two-thirds in.

Basic book premise: Savannah’s been in love with Tristan since they were kids. Tristan is a member of The Clann, the ruling families in their little Texas town, and it’s whispered they’re all witches. For some reason that Savannah doesn’t understand, in fourth grade, all the Clann kids were told to stay away from her and since then they’ve treated her like less than dirt. Now they’re all Freshman in High School and Savannah starts to learn some secrets about her family that suddenly put her public shunning in a whole new light. Seems her mom and grandma were Clann as well until they were kicked out because her mom fell in love with and married a Vampire. Meaning Savannah is a dhampire, and neither side is thrilled that she’s half blood, since Witches and Vampires have been at war with one another forever. There is now a tentative truce, but with both sides thinking Savannah could tip the balance, anything she does could send them back into all out war. Especially dating the Clann’s golden boy Tristan. What’s a girl to do? Follow her heart, or follow the laws in place to keep all of their worlds from trying to tear each other apart?

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The problem, as seems to be the case in a lot of Paranormal Romance books whether they be YA or Adult, is the main girl. Look, I get it, boys mess us up sometimes. I’ve done some silly things because I was head over heals for some guy, but working a double shift three days straight and not telling someone that you’re a vampire and that dating him could cause a war are two completely different forms of boy-crazed stupidity. Also, either Savannah is incredibly stupid/forgetful or the author thinks that teens can’t hold a thought for more than five seconds at a time. Because her parents tell her up front a lot of the changes she’ll undergo, and what affect they’ll have, and yet she seems surprised when they occur. Like no one ever explained them. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Crave by Melissa Darnell rare novel book review cover art promo hot vampire sexy rare

However, I did honestly like this novel, and am looking forward to the next one – Covet – mostly because I like the world that was set up and the peripheral characters. They more than make up for the two insipid love birds. Her friend Anne is a real kick, and his sister Emily is awesome. Hopefully they’ll both have bigger roles in the next book. I also like that the Vampires in this are a little different than in other books. It’s interesting how many times Savannah refers to the fear she can feel from them. Usually they’re so cocky it’s nice to see them exhibit a less than invincible emotion. Despite my frustrations with Savannah and Tristan there are some really great elements in the book. Plus the ending makes me hope that maybe Savannah has pulled her head out of her…you know what…a bit and maybe she’ll be a stronger person in the next one.

I’d recommend if you’re looking for another YA Paranormal book to read, and aren’t that picky, but only if…

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