TV Heartbeat! Chicago Fire and PD unite for One Chicago! Supernatural Bloodlines! True Blood, Josh Duhamel and J. Lo on TV!

May sweeps begins this week! That means it’s the beginning of the end of the network TV season! For the next 4 weeks, we’ll be treated to the good stuff: new episodes, the biggest stories, a few new shows and (sadly!) season endings. We’ll see the bulk of the season endings trickle in 2 weeks from now so prepare to say a (temporary) goodbye to some of your favorites!

New and notable One Chicago! OK, this is the biggest crossover of the season! The casts of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD will unite when there’s a terrorist attack in Chicago. There will be explosions, blood, tears and kisses. I’ll have more on this early next week (including some behind the scenes bits!), so mark Tuesday and Wednesday nights on your calendar!

F - Casey and cars

New stuff! Black Box makes its debut on ABC. We’ve got a mentally unstable doctor taking on some mentally unstable patients.

Black Box

And we have more movies making the leap to TV! Following in the footsteps of Fargo (terrific new show), About A Boy and many others, Bad Teacher begins class on CBS.


Late night continues to shuffle with John Oliver moving from the Daily Show to a weekly show. HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver starts on HBO this Sunday.

Supernatural provides a look at a possible new fall season spinoff – Supernatural: Bloodlines. This episode of Supernatural brings the Winchester brothers to Chicago. The spinoff show would focus on the war between hunters and the demon crime syndicate in Chicago.


Thursday: Black Box debut (ABC), Bad Teacher debut (CBS), Parks and Recreation season finale (NBC)
Friday: Last Man Standing season (series?) finale (ABC)
Sunday: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver debut (HBO)
Monday: The Following season finale (Fox)
Tuesday: Chicago Fire crossover with Chicago PD (NBC), Supernatural: Bloodlines backdoor pilot (The CW), Playing House debut (USA)
Wednesday: Chicago PD crossover with Chicago Fire (NBC)

Health check Veep will continue to run for a fourth term (season) and we’ll see more of what develops out of Silicon Valley since HBO has just renewed both shows. Here’s an update on the shows whose fates are not official quite yet. Note that ABC is the only network not to announce early renewals so while shows like Scandal and Modern Family aren’t officially renewed, they’re coming back next year.

TV Heartbeat check up chart 4-23

There aren’t a lot of updates on the health of network shows since the big wigs are evaluating their pilots. Networks will deliberate on whether the new stuff is better than what’s on the bubble and we’ll hear about the winners in May. A few new shows already got their greenlights so look for these next season:

THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB (ABC) – Just like it sounds – a look at the wives of astronauts during the Space Race and based on the book by Lily Koppel. This was supposed to launch this summer, but we’ve had a delay and mission control has moved this mission to next winter.


BACKSTROM (Fox) – The creator of Bones’ new series stars Rainn Wilson as a self-destructive detective.

BATTLE CREEK (CBS) – The new series from the creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan (pitched a decade ago), and directed by Bryan Singer. Like most CBS shows, it’s a procedural featuring two very different cops (Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel) working together.

Real Life Couple12 - Josh Duhamel 2

THE CLUB (ABC) – The pitch: Downton Abbey at a country club. It’s a look at the guests and staff at a country club. No way they’ll be able to create anyone to compare with Maggie Smith…

EXTANT (CBS) – Produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Halle Barry. Do you need to know more? Halle is an astronaut returning from a long-term mission. This show starts in the summer.

HIEROGLYPH (Fox) – A period story taking place in Ancient Egypt.

LAST MAN ON EARTH (Fox) – Will Forte is the last human on Earth.

MR. ROBINSON (NBC) – Craig Robinson makes the transition from musician to music teacher. Wackiness ensues.

MULANEY (Fox) – Aspiring comedian tries to make it in NY.

SECRETS & LIES (ABC) – Ryan Phillippe is a wealthy family patriarch who’s accused of the murder of a young boy.

Ryan Phillippe and mike the fanboy fan photo Ryan Phillippe signing autographs for fans hot sexy rare photo shoot sex

SHADES OF BLUE (NBC) – Jennifer Lopez is a single mom and an FBI agent.

Jennifer Lopez Arriving to the jennifer lopez walk of fame star ceremony

TOOKEN (NBC) – Tina Fey is writing this show for Ellie Kemper who escapes from a cult and moves to NYC.

ellie kemper signs autographs at a Bridesmaids q and a screening at the arclight sherman oaks signed autograph hot sexy rare

WEIRD LONERS (Fox) –Zachary Knighton is one of four loners who room together

Other top contenders who haven’t officially gotten their stamp of approval include: The Flash (CW), iZombie (CW), The Messengers (CW), Supernatural: Bloodlines (CW), Gotham (Fox), Empire (Fox) and How I Met Your Dad (CBS).

Arrow - the Flash

With reported buzz for a bunch of the new CW pilots, the chances we’ll see The Tomorrow People and other bubble shows shrink. Next week we’ll take a look at the new crop of cable TV series in production.

Can’t wait that long? How about a look at the upcoming final season of True Blood?

Stay tuned!

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