Manic Monday! Pinky Shares Her True Love For Benicio Del Toro After Meeting Him Again… And This Time She Doesn’t Light Her Hair On Fire! YAY!

Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here and if you’ve been following this site for long enough, you might recall my true love for Benicio Del Toro and the “burning hair” incident. If not, good news! I’ve got a link right here:

Even more good news? I had the chance to see him again! While I did manage to get five terrible pictures with him in 2012, there wasn’t one I just loved. Even the “passable” one was only passable because my friend tinted Benicio’s sunglasses so you couldn’t see his eyes roving from where they should be looking.


So, when I saw he was going to be promoting Escape at Dannemora, I knew I had to try for another shot. As he sat on the stage during the Q&A, I was just hoping upon hope there’d be an opportunity to grab a quick picture with him.


Since they said there’d be a reception afterwards with the cast, part of me wanted to see if he’d come, but the main part of me couldn’t wait. I mean, what if he didn’t come and then I’d missed my shot? After the Q&A I made my way near the stage. I didn’t run, I didn’t yell, I just calmly walked over to see what was happening. Two other girls were asking him for pictures, so I figured it was safe to try, as well. Thankfully he’s an amazing human being and as sexy as can be! He was more than happy to pose and I ended up getting a perfect shot! Well, except for the shadow on my face, but, really, who’s looking at me?

He did end up coming to the reception, but whoever organized it did a terrible job in making the actors accessible without it being awkward. What I mean by that is that there are ways to make things enjoyable for everyone (line celebs up, far apart from each other, and have everyone wait in line in a calm fashion for one) and this was pretty much the worst case scenario. Had I been one of those celebs getting bombarded, I would’ve left quickly, too. Regardless, hooray for Benicio! Made my day!

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