CB Has The Fortunate Luck To Meet Joss Whedon’s Main Man Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Castle Star Mr. Nathan Fillion!

I am a giant Nathan Fillion fan… He’s just someone who has always been super cool to people and he’s been in practically all my favorite shows… Of course he was Caleb in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dana Delany’s husband in Desperate Housewives and Captain Mal in Firefly. Just those alone are enough to solidify my fandom for Mr. Fillion… Plus, he was in a little film called Waitress that I love… LOVED! If you haven’t seen it, you need to check it out. Like today…

Anyway, while I was out of commission CB went out to try and meet Mr. Fillion… He’s always been super fan friendly so I’m sure it was a positive experience.

Check out his full report after the jump!


Hello everyone, today I am writing about my awesome experience with Captain Mal! Okay, maybe  you enjoy him as Richard Castle. No, Caleb from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Either way, the characters are all played by one awesome actor, Nathan Fillion. I’ve recently started watching FireFly and i must say, its a fantastic show. I’m a fan of Castle, and from there Mike started recommending shows. I’ve met Nathan before and he was great to fans, so i knew what to expect. Lets hope for the best.

7:00: I arrive and I am joined by the Awesome Anushika. By some stroke of luck, we are THE ONLY TWO HERE! We both look at each other in shock, but we aren’t going anywhere!

the barricade that cb and anushika were standing behind waiting for nathan fillion after a talk show taping rare signed autograph buffy the vampire slayer

7:05: Nathan arrives, but he’s so late. He goes right inside and says he’ll do it afterwards.

8:00: He leaves and greets the TWO OF US! He’s really amazing to us.

Nathan fillion walking over to greet fans after a talk show taping promoting waitress and firefly castle

He takes photos and signs autographs. Once again, another great experience with Nathan.
Nathan fillion walking over to greet fans after a talk show taping promoting waitress and firefly

Hey, I’m a fan of Nathan for life. I’ll always be out to support this guy because every time I’ve met him, he’s been very fan friendly. Take care everyone
nathan fillion signed autograph castle photo promo hot sexy rare joss whedon fan buffy the vampire slayer promo

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