Nebraska Movie Review! JM Says He Can’t Stop Talking About How Great This Movie Is!

Alexander Payne has quickly become once of my favorite directors over the past few years. Ever since I saw Election, I have enjoyed his work. About Schmidt, The Descendants, and now his latest work is Nebraska starring Bruce Dern!

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Alexander Payne delivers another amazing and astounding film with his latest directorial effort “Nebraska.” Anchored by two unforgettable performances, Bruce Dern and Will Forte headline an impressive cast in this amazing father-son road trip film. 

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Aging alcoholic Woody Grant (Dern) can’t stop obsessing about a million-dollar sweepstakes prize and has memorized his winning letter from front to back. Disturbed by her husband’s behavior, Kate (June Squibb) calls her two sons David (Will Forte) and Ross (Bob Odenkirk) to dissuade their father in an effort to retain Woody’s remaining dignity before he truly embarrasses himself.

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After several attempts to leave Montana for Nebraska, Woody’s wandering around town has worried all of his family except for David, who recognizes his father’s need to live for something. David agrees to accompany his father on his trip and discovers sometimes it’s the little things in life that make life worth living.

nebraska movie review press still promo rare bruce dern

Alexander Payne boasts an impressive resume and “Nebraska” will only solidify an already profound career with this top-notch film. “Nebraska” is arguably the best dramedy of the year and now my personal favorite film of the year. Payne’s sense of discovering diamonds in the rough is unparalleled with assembling an amazing assortment of untrained actors delivering some of the most memorable and unforgettable scenes in this delightful movie. I honestly can’t remember laughing so hard in a movie theater all year long.  Brilliant, breathtaking and it only gets better with each viewing.

nebraska movie review press still promo rare bruce dern

“Nebraska” definitely deserves an array of accolades come awards season and most of that belongs to the lead performances by Bruce Dern and Will Forte from Bob Nelson’s mesmerizing script. Dern demonstrates a captivating, yet disturbing portrayal of a man slowly slipping away and losing his mind. Dern delivers a tour de force performance that is only further complimented by Forte’s fantastic portrayal as his adoring and understanding son. 

nebraska movie review press still promo rare bruce dern

Forte fulfills every actor’s dream, showcasing his immense acting range in a powerful way and surprising people with a profound performance.  Could Will Forte be the next Bill Murray? He’s certainly proved he can balance both comedy and drama in an effective manner to hold his own against classic Hollywood heavyweights like Bruce Dern and Stacey Keach. Even when scene-stealer June Squibb comes on screen, Forte firmly holds his own and conveys a diverse range of emotions in this riveting road-trip movie.

Many former Saturday Night Live cast members have repeatedly recycled their acting routines throughout their film career, but I do believe Will Forte could be that next SNL alumni to breakthrough to the next level and regularly act in dramatic films.  Both Dern and Forte’s spellbinding performances create a spectacular piece of cinema that begs the audience to ask, why has Hollywood not showcased these two hidden gems more often? Their chemistry is unbelievable and will undoubtedly cast a spell over audiences this fall movie season. Thank you Alexander Payne for creating a great movie!

“Nebraska” is exactly the kind of movie I enjoy experiencing during this time of the year and can’t stop talking about this movie. It’s a film I will definitely appreciate for many years to come and it will go down as one of the best road trip films ever.  You don’t want to miss this movie.

4 out of 4 stars

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