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TTM Tuesday! BREAKING! One A-Lister Is Returning All Fanmail! The Walking Dead No Longer Wants Mail! And Jason Alexander Weighs In On Autograph Collectors & What Not To Do! Addresses And More!

For this weeks TTM Tuesday, Ace has a lot to talk about! There are Broadway fails, yep one A-Lister is sending out form letters to anyone who writes to him. Then, The Walking Dead… Dead! Yep, their fanmail address is done. It’s over. Apparently, they get so

TTM Tuesday! Ace Gives The Scoop On Broadway! Who’s On! Who’s Signing! Who’s Not! And Where To Write! Alec Baldwin! Nathan Lane! Emilia Clarke! Autographs! And More!

TTM Tuesday! Today Ace is brining you all the scoop from the happenings on Broadway, who is coming to the famed theater row and who is responding via venue! There’s a bunch of new people headed to Broadway and a few shows that are still in previews,

TTM Tuesday! Ace Talks About Collecting Broadway Playbill’s Through The Mail! Plus Getting Sons Of Anarchy’s Theo Rossi! Rhonda Fleming! Tony Shalhoub! Autographs!

It’s Tues! Which means it’s TTM time! Yep, It’s a collector’s paradise! Today our resident through the mail autograph expert Ace is recapping the loot he got this week. There are some pretty good things including CB’s favorite acting legend Blythe Danner, Playbill collecting and much much

TTM Tuesday! Ace Bemoans The Fanmail-less Holiday Season! But Has Awesome Success With Kevin Spacey! Marion Ross! Jessica Chastain! And More! Autographs!

It’s TTM Tuesday guys! Whoo to the Hoo! Ace has given us a quick recap and bemoans the holidays! Apparently, celebrities are just like us and don’t really answer fanmail over the holiday season! What! They have families and plans and parties! Say it ain’t so! Still,

TTM Tuesday! Ace Takes Us On An Autograph Journey! With Only A Roll Of Stamps! A Sharpie! And A SASE! Collecting Autographs Through The Mail Baby!

It TTM Tuesday! (insert applause and cheers here) Yep, something that we’re thinking about doing is a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly column about collecting autographs and memorabilia through the mail. It’s something I thought of because I know a lot of autograph collectors don’t live in New York or Los