The New Total Recall Poster is Out! Why Amazon Kate Beckinsale Is Bursting From Colin Farrell’s Abs While Jessica Biel Tries To Look Like Juno Is Beyond Me! WTF!

Okay what is the deal with these posters man! I am super stoked for the new Total Recall movie but what’s the deal with this new poster.

First off… Colin Farrell looks great, but why is an entire futuristic city and Kate Beckinsale bursting out of his chest? I mean out of all the possibilities this is what they come up with?

And for that matter why did they make Jessica Biel look like Juno? I love Ellen Page, but if you want Ellen Page in your movie just hire her! Don’t photoshop Jessica Biel into looking like Ellen Page. Hello people! They even make Jessica Biel as tall as Juno. So, let’s put this into perspective…

From just this poster I get that a futuristic city, and amazon Kate Beckinsale are bursting forth from Colin Farrell’s abs, while Juno tries to look feminine with a large gun.

God bless bad photo shop!


Check out the new poster below!
total_recall_ver12 total recall one sheet movie poster promo kate beckinsale hot sexy colin farrell jessica biel rare sex promo movie poster hot

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