Fanboy Fail Fridays! Skyfall Special Edition! Erica Gets The Slip From 007 Himself Daniel Craig But Gets To Meet M! Yep, Dame Judi Dench!

Fanboy Fail Friday! This week The Lovely Erica is out and about on the streets of New York! Who is she after you may ask, none other than super spy Daniel Craig! Now, Daniel has always been a tad hit and miss. This time… Well, it is Fanboy Fail Friday!

However, even with a little rain there is some sunshine! She may have missed Bond but she got “M!” Yep, Erica was able to meet Dame Judi Dench! I must admit I’m a bit jealous!

Check out her full report after the jump!


My sisters and I have a running joke that there is always a “Celebrity of the Day” when you’re in NY – you just never know when you’re going to randomly bump into someone. Case in point…

I was just leaving a New York Comic Con party when I got a call from Big Apple Elisa – she just ran into Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz who were catching a play on Broadway! Ah crap! I’m on 21st street and James Bond is on 48th! And I don’t have my spiffy new Skyfall poster!

Oh taxi!

It’s a mad dash back to my hotel, to rifle through all my stuff to find my poster and to race across Times Square. I arrive at the theater where there are a ton of people waiting for the cast of the play, Grace, to leave. The cast features Paul Rudd, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon so there are about 80 people at the stage door.

Daniel Craig rare skyfall promo movie poster hot sexy james bond 007 new movie blonde rare promo

Elisa tells me that Daniel and Rachel are visiting backstage, but have not left yet. Whew! Made it in time!

Slowly the cast starts to leave so Ed Asner and Michael Shannon are nice enough to greet the crowd. Another 10 minutes go by and finally Paul Rudd exits followed by Rachel and Daniel. Oh right! Rachel and Paul were in the play and movie The Shape of Things. Lightbulb!

While Paul is out with the crowd, Daniel and Rachel swiftly head out with their bodyguard who is glaring fiercely at everyone to keep them back. They dash passed Elisa who is packed in with the rest of the folks and who calls out for Daniel. Elisa, who is the biggest Daniel Craig nut on the planet, gets a “not tonight” as a response from Daniel as they dash by.

I stand away from the crowd and am on the path towards their car with my Skyfall poster visible. I ask Daniel for a quick signature and he replies “if I sign for you, I have to sign for everyone” and gestures to the, the….the empty air around us…?

Daniel Craig turning down Erica from mike the fanboy for an autograph rare promo hot sexy james bond star

Yep, we’re 20 feet away from the crowd and they all have their backs to us as they are waiting for Paul Rudd. I don’t think they would really care if he signed for me, but he’s with his wife and they clearly want to make a quick exit. Sigh! Daniel is a bit hit or miss so not a surprise.

However, a few days later I get wind that Dame Judi Dench is making an appearance and I head out!

There are only 3 of us waiting and she is as nice as can be. As I wait for my turn, the publicist sees my Skyfall poster and gives a nod of approval. Dame Judi is signing every letter and I get a very British response when I compliment her on a role she did on stage: “How very kind of you! Thank you very much indeed!” Yep, just need crumpets and tea to complete the moment!

dame Judi Dench signing autographs for fans in new york city rare promo m chocolate star hot rare promo legendary

So James Bond might have gotten away, but I still secured M!

Skyfall, which has been getting raves, opens this weekend!

Judi Dench signed autograph james bond 007 skyfall promo movie poster rare promo hot sexy daniel craig movie

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