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Belushi Movie Review! JM says, “it’s an incredibly, ingenious and innovative documentary” and “quintessential viewing!”

From Second City to Chateau Marmont, John Belushi’s brilliance superseded societal norms to become “America’s Guest” as one of the most captivating comedy geniuses ever. His larger than life legend transcended target audiences and transformed pop culture to become a superstar simultaneously in film, television and music.

Cult Classic Corner! Jack Wants Candy! Errrr… Wait… Well He Talks About The Candyman And Meeting Tony Todd! Clive Barker! Virginia Madsen! Autographs! Photos! Horror Ghoulishness!

I want candy… I want candy… Sorry, that was slightly off topic wasn’t it? Ah, the Coke Zero has affected my brain again. It happens what can I say? For this weeks Cult Classic Corner, our illustrious Jack has decided to write up a true classic… Candyman!