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Django Unchained UK Movie Premiere Report! The Scarlet Starlet Meets Quentin Tarantino! Christoph Waltz! And Misses Jamie Foxx By This Much! Autographs! Photos! And More!

Can I tell you how much I love The Scarlet Starlet! Love her! She braved the blistering cold on the London streets to meet none other than Quentin Tarantino! God bless fangirls! Braving the cold and winters just to meet their favorite celebrities. Personally, I’m a huge

The Scarlet Starlet Has Collectormania! Well… Attends Collectormania & Meets Sean Astin! Brian Blessed! Sir Sterling Moss! Autographs! Photos! Game Of Thrones!

I love hearing from the Scarlet Starlet! YAY! She just sent in this awesome recap of Collectormania from across the pond and she had a special MTF guest star… The Lovely Erica who made the trip overseas! It sounds like a great lineup a guests and I

The Scarlet Starlet Meets Action Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger At His Book Signing For Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story! Autographs! And He Will Pump You Up!

It must be my birthday! How else to explain getting two articles from the awesome Scarlet Starlet! I’ll tell you, the UK is killing it here at MTF! I’m sure you all saw Daniel’s report from the Arnold Schwarzenegger book signing earlier and not Scarlet is chiming

The Scarlet Starlet Heads To The BFI London Film Festival Premiere Of Blood & Finally Gets To Meet Her #1 Crush! Mr. Paul Bettany! With Andy Serkis! Autographs!

The Scarlet Starlet! It’s been ages since we’ve heard from the lovely young lass on the other side of the pond. I think Scarlet and Daniel got together to form British week here at MTF. LOL… Now, I love hearing about someone getting their favorites! And Scarlet

The Avengers UK Movie Premiere! The Scarlet Starlet Meets The Marvel Superheros! With Chris Hemsworth! Scarlett Johansson! Tom Hiddleston! Mark Ruffalo! and More!

The Scarlet Starlet is back kids! Yay! I’m really excited that she took time out to share her experiences at the UK premiere of The Avengers! And on the Eve of it’s release here in States! It always amazes me how different things are in the UK

Wrath Of The Titans London Premiere! With Sam Worthington! Toby Kebbell! Alejandro Naranjo! Jonathan Liebesman! And More! The Scarlet Starlet Is On The Scene! Autographs! Photos and More!

I’m so happy to hear from The Scarlet Starlet! She is reporting on the Wrath of the Titans premiere all the way from the UK! Ah, the streets of London will be brimming with Greek Gods and broken pillars! LOL… Personally, I was so unhappy with Clash