2013 The Year In Review! The Favorite Moments! The Most Surprising Encounters! The MTF Family Tells All!

It’s the end of 2013!

So, while we will have out top ten lists later on, it’s always fun to look back and reflect of what happened, what was our favorite moments, etc… Personally, I love it because it reminds me of everything that happens in a year, and let me tell you… we all have sort attention spans. For me, looking bad helps set up the next year.

I’m going to stop babbling and I invite you to enjoy the Mike The Fanboy look back at 2013. All the MTF Family (Well… The ones who filled out their surveys!) have done a great look back for us.

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What’s your favorite celebrity encounter this year?


MikeI think I would have to say meeting Robert DeNiro. It was so unexpected, so amazing and then to get a photo with the icon… It really was an amazing night. Robert DeNiro got down on his hands and knees to take photos with fans. That’s incredible!

robert De Niro fan photo with mike the fanboy signing autographs for fans rare signed autograph silver linings playbook

AceAl Pacino was incredible… He has this incredible, legendary presence. He might just scribble on your photos, but the fact that he would take the time to do it makes this fanboy immensely happy. Sadly, they don’t make actors like this anymore… Plus, George Romero… brilliant. I grew up admiring the zombie craze. When I met him, it was a sit-down signing and it was nice. He asked me why people ask for autographs in certain colors and we basically talked about pens for a few minutes.

Billy BeerJessica Alba- FINALLY got my picture with her. Actually saw her 4 times this year, and she signed 3 out of 4 of the times.

jessica alba fan photo signing autographs for fans rare promo

EricaIn terms of people I’ve never met, the Orphan Black cast was phenomenally nice and so excited to meet fans that they totally made my Comic Con this year. Perhaps the funniest encounter was seeing Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actors Brett Dalton and Ming-Na Wen react to a friends request regarding a “Heart on” However, I will also remember (to my dying day!) having Joss Whedon say “nice” after I made a quick quip. Coming from this master of the quip, I felt like I just got a PhD!

Jack – Meeting most of the cast for “True Blood.” It was my first Hollywood premiere and I met most of the people I wanted to get sans Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Other than that I met the entire cast (except for Ryan Kwanten) and got a really awesome poster signed. The “True Blood” cast definitely goes above and beyond with fans.

Anna camp signing autographs for fans true blood season 6 premiere rare promo hot signing twoaa

JimDave Chappelle, this crazy S.O.B. was all over the place when i met him multiple times in one day. He went from High to crazy in seconds flat.

KaraleeEmeli Sande, hands-down. I got her outside Leno in May and I’m such a HUGE fan. I made a sign (which was God-awful) and her van stopped and she said she stopped because of my sign. She hopped out, we chatted for several minutes and she took pictures, did autographs, the whole bit. I’m such a fan of her music and for her to be so cool and down-to-Earth was awesome. She said twice she stopped because of my rinky-dink sign. That celeb encounter has been my favorite bright spot all year.

emeli emeli sande signing autographs for fans sexy hot rare

The Novel StrumpetGillian Anderson! X-Files was all over Comic Con 2013. Ok, not really but for me it was. And, ok, I sort of met her as she was sitting at a table with Dean Haglund and others signing X-File comics and she never looked up so I couldn’t gush at her….but Scully was sitting right in front of me 😀

PinkyObviously I’m going to be biased here, but my favorite celebrity encounter would have to be meeting Keith Coogan for the first time at the LA Celebrity Show in February and interviewing him for the site. Not only did I get an autograph, a picture, and an interview, I ended up getting a husband out of the deal! J

(Editor’s Note: The most awesome encounter ever! I’m so happy that MTF could be a little part of it! 🙂 M-)

keith coogan Kristen Pinky sheen wedding ceremony reception cake 018

ScottyMeeting Jodie Foster one on one this year was the major highlight for me.

SusanChristian Bale – so calm, so few people and he was awesome! I never thought I’d get a photo with him.

Christian Bale signing autographs for fans hot rare


What celebrity surprised you the most (in a good way)?


MikeI’m going to go with the cast of Veronica Mars. I have to tell you, I was able to go to the set a couple times, and each time, they were so awesome. Seriously, so excited to be back in their respective characters and making the film. It was awesome to see!

Kristen Bell fan photo signing autographs on location veronica mars movie set location

Ace – Weird Al… For some reason I thought he wasn’t gunna be friendly. He was SO nice. My brother and I shared our silly story and he actually listened. Most celebrities try to care but Weird Al was different… He was genuine.

BillyRobert Downey Jr.- When he was promoting Iron Man 3, he signed up a storm. If you didn’t get one, you didn’t try.

robert downey jr. signing autographs for fans before a talk show taping

EricaDylan Bruce from Orphan Black is basically the opposite of Paul. Well, they’re both hot, but Dylan is warm, happy and friendly which is pretty much the opposite of steely-eyed, cold-blooded Paul.

Dylan Bruce fan photo signing autographs hot sexy orphan black star rare promo sdcc

Jack – Anna Paquin and Robert Downey Jr., both who went above and beyond at a talk show taping earlier this year. Not only did she graciously sign a few magazines for me, but took an awesome photo with me. She seriously loved interacting with the fans and is a complete class act! I never thought in a million years I would meet her and for to be so cool was unreal. RDJ showed up for a talk show and most people had doubts, but probably thanks to an amazing opening for Iron Man 3 he signed his life away. I managed to walk away with two great autographs and still can’t believe I met “Iron Man.”

Anna Paquin signing autographs for fans jimmy kimmel true blood 030

Jim – Jerry Seinfeld, after reading two negative reviews from folks trying to get his Seinfeld co-creator, Larry David, I thought he’d be tough. He couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating.

KaraleeRussell Crowe. You read about the yelling, the phone throwing, etc. and a reputation, deserved or undeserved, can precede you. But I tried last-minute anyway at Leno and got there just in the nick of time as his SUV pulled through, parked and he got out. One each, either a photo or graph; not both. And he did the entire line. And it was L-O-N-G. I was near the tail-end of the line and he could not have been nicer. Walked a much bigger fan because of that brief encounter. Stars of lesser stature have blown right on by for far fewer fans/smaller crowd. But Russell took the time out to greet and make the day of a ton of fans.

Russell Crowe signing autographs for fans photo hot sexy gladiator star rare

PinkyAnthony Michael Hall was incredibly cool and friendly. Not that I really thought he wouldn’t be (like his redheaded co-star who won’t be named), but he did go above and beyond. I was even able to do this awesome Breakfast Club joke with him which pretty much made my entire year.

anthony michael hall signing autographs for fans 16 candles breakfast club sexy

ScottyMy encounter with Orlando Bloom at the Hobbit premiere was awesome. He wanted the magazine I had for him to sign, as he had been looking for it for a few years. I said he could have it, and he gave one of those cool celebrity moments.

SusanRay Liotta – totally random run in with friends visiting from Arizona and he was so nice. I haven’t heard anything about him and really expected him to be a dick.

Meeting Ray Liotta signing autographs goodfellas star2

We have a lot more of our year end recap, including our most bumbling moments, best and worst signers, and tons more!

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